E-gift card terms & conditions

Huffkins e-gift cards will be delivered digitally via email and may be redeemed online at huffkins.com only. They cannot be used in any café tea room locations or exchanged for a physical café tea room gift card. If you require a gift card voucher to be redeemable in Huffkins café tea rooms, please order a tea room gift card here or purchase one at the counter.

E-gift cards are valid for two years. Huffkins e-gift cards cannot be transferred, resold or exchanged.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all details and personal/video messages are correct at the time of purchase. While Huffkins Customer Service Team will endeavor to assist where possible if a mistake has been noted after purchase, we cannot guarantee any changes. Video messages cannot be edited or replaced after the e-gift card has been purchased.

Recipients can review their gift card balance using the link in the original e-gift card email sent from Huffkins Bakery. This also includes the recipient’s unique e-gift card code. We strongly recommend that you do not delete this email until the balance has been redeemed in full.

To apply an e-gift card balance to an order, the unique code must be entered at checkout prior to confirming the purchase. E-gift card balances will be applied to total order amount (including tax & shipping). Balances cannot be combined or used to purchase another e-gift card. Where the order total is equal to or more than the remaining balance on the gift card, the full e-gift card balance will be used. When the order total is more than the remaining e-gift card balance, payment details will be required to pay the outstanding amount at the time of purchase. E-gift card balances may not be redeemed towards past purchases or applied to existing orders.

To report a lost or stolen e-gift card, please contact victoria@huffkins.com. E-gift card emails will only ever be resent to the recipient's email address entered at the time of purchase. Huffkins has no obligation to replace or refund any lost or stolen e-gift cards/balances.