Loose Leaf Tea Caddy Gift Selection (3 Pack)


A selection pack of three Huffkins Tea Caddies containing loose leaf House Blend, Earl Grey tea, and Cotswold Fruits tea. All of our Tea Room favourites and something for any occasion.

Cotswold Fruits

An explosion in flavour and colour of Cotswold red summer berries, rosehips, hibiscus and bramley apples.  Enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of our favourite tea, which is remarkably energising and invigorating.  The intense fruity aroma is like pure summer sunshine in a cup that you can enjoy all year round whatever the weather!

Earl Grey

A blend of black Ceylon leaf infused with natural oil of bergamot, decorated with delicate Estonian blue cornflower petals and citrus peel.  This tea has a distinctive citrus flavour and unique aroma all of its own, yet remains a true classic.

House Blend

A Sublime blend of two great Indian black teas, Darjeeling and Assam from the flood plains of the Brahmaputra Valley. A blend of St. Margaret's Hope Darjeeling and Bokahat Orangajuli Assam Indian black leaf single estate teas.  This is our staple blend as served in our Cotswold tea rooms.  Full of strength, yet subtle, truly a tea for all occasions and a great favourite with our visitors.

For further information on each caddy in this set please refer to the individual product pages. 

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